Whirlwind Week in Wellington

We’ve left the South Island and crossed the Cook Strait, landing in Wellington on Monday evening. A friend of mine had generously offered to host us for the week–no small offer as there are five of us and we’re not exactly, ahem, low-key.

Farewell until next time, beautiful Te Waipounamu
Evelyn as we enter Wellington Harbour

Vicki and her family were amazing, and it was a highlight of our week that we had the opportunity to hang out with a real kiwi family. 🙂

In fact, Evelyn said her favorite part of our time in Wellington was sitting and eating meals with our friends. (I think it probably helped that Vicki’s teenage daughter was super-kind and inclusive. Evelyn thought she was super-cool!)

Rather than write up each day, I’m just going to post a few photos with descriptive captions:

Te Papa, the national museum of NZ, was an awesome spot. We hung out there for most of one day, wandering around both inside and outside. Above, the girls in front of a Maori building. We also sat for a spell inside another one and examined many other Maori taonga (treasure) including jewelry/ornaments and musical instruments.
Ahhh! Scary models at the Weta Cave at the Weta Workshop in Miramar, Wellington. The kids also got a chain-mail making lesson (with plastic rings) and we marveled at all the Lord of the Rings and Hobbit merchandise.
The kids visit Smaug at the airport; Calvin is nearly crushed by a troll; James tries to escape from a particularly vile specimen; two of the suits of armor actually used in the movies.
Gandalf on one of the giant eagles, Wellington Airport.
Vicki took the kids out for a movie and lunch while James and I had a date day (albeit a chilly, rainy one!) in downtown Wellington. First though, we got in a (RAINY and WINDY) trail run up. Then, lunch at Little Penang (AMAZING), then wandering around Cuba Street and crepes from Crepes a Go Go. Chatted with the Frenchman who made our tasty crepes about why he moved from France to Wellington. 

Calvin said his favorite things were playing games (Bananagrams and Sorry!) with Vicki and family, going to McDonalds, and going to see Zootopia.

Wellington from Mount Victoria. Where we ate donuts. And got blown around by the wind.
Vicki and Lola, bidding us adieu. 

Sadly, our time came to a close quite quickly and we were saying goodbye, packing up, and driving up over the hills to the Wairarapa… on our way to Napier.


2 thoughts on “Whirlwind Week in Wellington

  1. How fun and interesting (and delicious looking food!)
    Although Mom, Dad, Janel and I visited far before the movies were filmed, we found Wellington to be hauntingly old fashioned, in an appealing way!


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