We’re spending a couple of days in Hawkes Bay, in Napier (population 61,500). When James and I came to New Zealand back in January 2004, we didn’t make it to this part of the country, but it was high on our list this time!

Napier endured an awful earthquake in 1931 and then was rebuilt over the next few years, creating an amazing collection of Art Deco buildings that still stand today.

On the day we arrived, the sun was shining brightly and we joined other visitors wandering the streets and pedestrian walkways of Napier.

Calvin and I pose next to one of the most photographed statues in New Zealand, Pania of the Reef, near the beach in Napier. The weather when we were there was 67 degrees and sunny! Not bad for late autumn.
We enjoyed looking all of the hot rods and classic cars parked for a show; everyone picked their favorite model for a photo.


“Wave in Time”: 1930s and 2016.
Beautiful architecture–I felt like I was on a movie set. A huge, living movie set.


This park was used as sports fields in the late 1800s, then after the earthquake it was used as a market space (and called “Tin Town”) before being converted into gardens.
Sunset over the estuary.



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