Vegetarian adventures with Evelyn

Evelyn (almost 12) started talking about going vegetarian in early January, and she’s done some research and read a lot of information online and in books about how to do so healthfully.

About 2 weeks ago she took the plunge, after about 5 months of eating less and less meat of any kind and not consuming any red meat. She’s doing great with it and continues to seek out sound information, good non-animal protein sources, and cool healthy recipes to try.

This does mean that it can be tricky at dinnertime if we don’t plan ahead. Evelyn shows up a few minutes before dinner sometimes hunting around for what she’s going to eat.

But for the most part, she’s taking good responsible approaches, and she’s definitely expanding her repertoire (she used to not eat any beans at all; now she’s eating some form of beans and/or tofu everyday).

Tonight she’s making homemade bean burgers and they smell amazing.





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