And then there was that time when Calvin started throwing a mini-temper tantrum at a lookout on the road between Franz Josef and Queenstown. When James, trying to distract him, offered to take his picture, Calvin lunged at the camera and, with all the ferocity of a really peeved 5 year old, swatted at it.

The GoPro camera fell from James’ hand and hit the wooden platform we were standing on. More than 150 feet down, a bright blue river went rushing by.

The river, cold and blue.
Calvin before he completely lost it.

James scooped Calvin up and put him in time out.

Then he noticed that the memory card that had been in the GoPro camera, containing several months–in other words, HUNDREDS–of (unbacked up*) photos, was missing.

The memory card held all of our photos from leaving Christchurch in early December through mid-January. With the exception of those I had already shared on Facebook and this blog, if that memory card were really gone, those captured moments would be, too.

Our hearts in our throats, we carefully scanned the platform (see above), which was covered with chicken wire for grip, but full of long slits between the boards where a tiny, narrow 16GB SD card could easily disappear.

After what felt like a long time but was probably less than a minute, James found it, perched right next to a crack. We breathed a sigh of relief.

And that is why this blog is full of photos from our various experiences and adventures and not just with whimpering posts about lost photos.

*We usually are much better about backing up our photos to online photo storage, but the dearth of good high speed internet access on our trip (and even now) has prevented this security measure.



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