Return to ChCh

And just like that, we’re back in Christchurch! Our epic South Island road trip is behind us, but Christchurch offers so many fun possibilities. We’ve gone back to several of our “old haunts” already in the week since we moved into our new house:

Evelyn’s house and veranda at the Imagination Station.
Charlottte built a beach with pirate booty and a wave coming crashing in.
Calvin loooooooves computer games.
At a brand new playground in central Christchurch, complete with spinning saucer, cool slides built into hills, trampolines, flying foxes, and a water play area.
We’ve gone to Hagley Park, just one block from our new house, pretty much every day.
The kids love the playground in the Botanics.
Evelyn, happily perusing the stacks at our local public library.

The kids are all happily settling in to a new school year. Evelyn is in Year 8 (7th grade) and adores her teacher. She’s also in class with several of her friends from last year, so she’s pretty stoked about that! Charlotte is in Year 5 (4th grade) and seems to be settling in well. Today she had a swimming competition at a local pool; swimming lessons and water safety are important in New Zealand school curriculum. Calvin is a big boy in his Year 1 (kindergarten) class; his teacher seems to really enjoy teaching this age group, and Calvin’s reading and writing have come along in just one week since the term started!

For those who are wondering, we are renting a house in Christchurch just until mid-April, at which time we will pack up (return things, sell things, donate things) and take this show back on the road, this time to the North Island. Then we fly home to the states in early June. While we still have some fun times ahead of us here in NZ, it’s definitely not that far off that we’ll be leaving this lovely city and venturing to the North Island and then back to Delaware.

Before that, however, we’ve still got a list of things we want to do, try, and see here, including:

  • attending a concert in Hagley Park
  • celebrating Evelyn’s autumn (!) birthday with her friends
  • eating street food at a food festival
  • trying surfing again
  • sea kayaking
  • going to the beach
  • more family hiking

I also have a dear friend coming to visit later this month for two weeks, and I’m planning on taking her on a road trip while James stays here in Christchurch with the kids.

So stay tuned. 🙂



3 thoughts on “Return to ChCh

  1. Bingo…my thought exactly when I saw Evelyn! (Janel!) happily perusing the stacks at our local public library. Pic was a blast from the past from your days as an 11 year old!


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