With all of the busy-ness and excitement of sightseeing around the South Island of New Zealand, I’ve neglected to post much about the day to day basics.

Like food.

Tonight at dinner the kids and I talked about what foods and beverages we enjoy here in New Zealand that differ from what we consume at home.

Here’s what we came up with:

Ginger Beer

We have Ginger Ale, but this is more cider like. It is available in both alcoholic and non-alcoholic versions, and it’s really refreshing.


Raspberry Schweppes

Raspberry flavored sprite. First time Charlotte had it was at McDonalds, and she loved it. Evelyn: “It’s like drinking raspberry-flavored stars!”


Known as New Zealand’s national candy, Hokey Pokey can be found all over the place, but most often is added to chocolate or ice cream. “It’s crunchy honeycomb stuff,” says Char.

hokey pokey


Wholemeal bread

This is our go-to basic sandwich bread. It’s like halfway between white and wheat bread, and it has lots of crunchy pieces (of seeds and grains) in it. The cheapest loaf costs about 89 cents at Pack n’ Save or $1.30 in other grocery stores.

Milo cereal

It’s basically an excuse to eat chocolate for breakfast.milo


“Very thick, aerated pancakes,” describes Evelyn. You can toast them in the toaster and then top with fruit, jelly, pb, syrup, etc. They’re almost like a blend between an English muffin and a pancake. They’re spongy. Yum.


Kiwi Party mix

This is a gummy and chewy candy mixture, usually including milk bottles, fruit chews, jelly beans, foamy banana pieces, fake teeth, airplanes, and gummy people and animals. I can go through a bag a day.

kiwi party

Fish n’ chips

Ubiquitous meal. Even the smallest town will have at least one fish n’ chips shop. Varies in amount of batter and type of fish. Usually comes in butcher’s paper and you have to pay for tomato sauce (aka ketchup). Pronounced fush n’ chups.


NZ sweet potatoes. They are delicious!


Cadbury chocolate bars

These, of course, are available in the US, but with two important differences. Cadbury in the US was acquired by Hersheys, so it’s basically Hersheys chocolate now. Boo. And the variety of types that are available even in just standard grocery stores is much wider. Here are our favorites:

-Crunchie (hokey pokey): Evelyn and Charlotte

-Bus (white chocolate on top of milk chocolate): Calvin

-Black Forest (milk chocolate with raspberry gummies and slivers of dark cookie): Janel

-Energy (darker chocolate with higher cocoa percentage): James

Tomato basil pizza

Again, available in the US but only recently becoming a staple for us, especially for me and Evelyn. We love it with large fresh leaves of basil right on each slice.

Flat white

Standard coffee order. Espresso pulled shot(s) topped with foamed milk. Yum.

Now I’m hungry.

flat white.jpg

///janel and charlotte///


One thought on “Kiwi Food Fun

  1. Mmmmm. Everything does look and sound delightful!
    I remember the Cadbury Crunchie bars, from our long-ago visit! So good! The Hokey Pokeys you sent for Christmas are great – we are parceling them out, slowly!


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