Char’s Road Trip: An Interview

In exchange for getting to use my computer, Charlotte sat down to answer a few questions for me about her perspective of our family road trip so far. Here are her thoughts.


What has been your favorite place we’ve visited on our South Island road trip so far?

I really liked Arrowtown. It was small but also kind of big. I liked it because it had lots of restaurants and not many houses, so it was kind of like out for a day.

Other than Arrowtown, which place would you recommend others visit?

Te Anau. I like this place because it feels far away yet close to things. It’s beautiful! I love the view of the lake and the mountains, too. It’s really pretty here.

Is it hard being away from Christchurch?

No. It’s not hard because I still have my family. It’s not like I’m leaving them behind in Christchurch.

When you think about going back to Christchurch, what comes to mind? What about going back to the states?

For Christchurch, it’s about going back to school… it’s a mix of feelings.

For the states, I think of seeing my friends again!

The hardest thing about being on the road is…

I’m with my family most of the time.

My favorite thing to do with Cal and Ev on our road trip is…

Playing the real estate house game I made up. I also like coloring and playing tag on the playgrounds we visit.



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