Queenstown Hike

(This is the last of three posts about our time in Queenstown. You can read about our day in Arrowtown here and about the gondola&luge here.)

On our last full day in Queenstown, I got up early and did a 4 mile trail run. Seeing the sun rise over the Remarkables (yes, that’s really the name of the mountain range!) and the ripples out on Lake Wakatipu was priceless.


After Arrowtown and the touristy Queenstown stuff, James and I decided that it was time to get out for a hike.

It didn’t start out too auspiciously, with an accidental bee murder and two of the kids falling down, and the realization that we had left both water bottles and snacks in the car back in the car park.


Embarking the second time was much smoother and by 11:45 we were underway up One Mile Creek (hint: the trail was definitely more than one mile long). The vivid blue of the lake glimmered through the tree branches as the trail led sharply upward through beech forest.

Interestingly, we could see dark and unused segments of pipe at various points along our walk; the trail parallels a now shut-down power station that drew power from the river and waterfalls, which we also walked alongside.

IMG_2020IMG_2027 The kids were troopers, and we continued climbing higher and higher, occasionally crossing paths with mountain bike tracks. Finally, we reached a clearing and joined up with a fire road to descend back to Queenstown.


Cal got a little weary and footsore and decided to hit Evelyn’s bum with his walking stick. Which I took away. And which prompted a five minute temper tantrum (“ONE MORE CHANCE! I JUST NEED ONE MORE CHANCE!! PLEEEEEASE PLEEEEEEASE”).

It was with great relief and happiness that we walked into the Queenstown marina area around 2pm and picked a lunch spot. From there we could see boats coming in and out. It was a treat to get to eat out after a long hike.

Swings before heading back to the hotel.



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