Queenstown, Part 1


We just wrapped up three full days in Queenstown, the adventure capital of New Zealand.

Zorbing, bungy jumping, skydiving, paragliding, and any number of other crazy adventure sports find their home in this lovely city. It’s home of the first permanent commercial bungy jumping spot.

While we didn’t partake in any of that craziness, we did enjoy a ride on the gondola and several rides down the luge runs!


Charlotte stuck to the easier of the two runs while Ev opted for the harder one the second two times. Calvin got a huge kick out of riding even though he wasn’t really coordinated enough to ride on his own (so James doubled up with him).

Charlotte was a bit hesitant but she had a good time anyway.
One more run!
Jelly Belly statue to match our box of You Pick Jelly Beans.

An unexpected surprise happened right when we were preparing to ride back down: a professional facepainter was offering free facepainting.

My kids are suckers for facepaint, and the designs she was offering looked amazing. I’ve never seen Calvin wait so patiently as he did as she completed the art on several other kids’ faces before it was finally his turn.

A little girl who didn’t quite make it in time for a full facepainting got her Elsa stencil done in blue by none other than… Evelyn! The facepainter instructed Ev how to do it and it turned out great.



So fancy.

Then, to round out the day, we had dinner back at our hotel before savoring this sunset… pretty sure it easily makes the top three most beautiful sunsets I’ve ever seen.



(This post is the first of three parts about our time in Queenstown. Check back later for photos from Arrowtown and our last day in town before heading to Fiordland.)



3 thoughts on “Queenstown, Part 1

  1. Our family, the lugers, face painters, and sight-seers, extraordinaire! Sure am glad for this technology! Cuz I sure wouldn’t want to have to become a Facebook-er to see your smiling, fancy faces!


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