Property Mavens

I picked up a property guide in Arrowtown yesterday.

I remember how my parents often did that when we were vacationing, how they’d scan through it and talk about properties and property values in the area. As a kid I didn’t get it, but now I totally do!

Before I even had a chance to peruse it myself, the girls asked if they could take a look. I agreed, and the next thing I knew they were poring over the pages, comparing houses.

Since then they have started playing a game (and even Cal’s gotten in on the action): they sketch a simple house or bach, determine the value, and then “sell” it to the other player. On the existing house, they then make renovations and additions, noting the value of each change. The rounds continue that way.

It’s pretty cute, and so far has been worth hours of quiet play. I figure it incorporates math, architecture, art/design, collaboration, and bargaining.




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