Picking Berries in December


On Boxing Day we drove out to find a “you pick” farm. Having missed strawberry season and raspberry season (not to mention apple and pumpkin seasons!) at our favorite Milford Orchards in Delaware, we were all eager to spend some time out in the warm sun plucking berries.

Unfortunately, the handful of PYO farms near Richmond, New Zealand, were all closed the day after Christmas. So we returned home unsatisfied.

But today, on our second attempt, we found a place that was open!! We spent about an hour picking raspberries and strawberries.

I believe that I ate more raspberries than I put into the punnet.


26 December: 75F and sunny, picking berries.
Quality control officer Charlotte.

We picked just under a kilogram of the strawberries and just over half a kilogram of the raspberries.

That’s about 4 pounds total, combined, of beautiful berries = $13.80NZ, which is $9.44US.

Money well spent.

Tonight for dinner, I think I’ll have eggs and a whole mess of berries.




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