Looking Forward, Looking Back

11357211_10205682974366018_7224643248561790641_oOur time in New Zealand is, unbelievably, half over.

It’s 1 November here. We arrived on 30 June. Our flights home from Auckland take off on 1 March, which means we have 8 months total in this beautiful country…

Our first trail run together, Port Hills, NZ.
Our first trail run together, Port Hills, NZ.

There’s something about reaching the halfway point of anything that inspires me to take stock. After all, if things aren’t working, I still have time to change course!


When I ask the kids how they feel about being halfway through our New Zealand adventures, here’s what they had to say:

Charlotte: “I can’t wait to go home. But I will really miss my friends and my school when we leave New Zealand.”  

Calvin: “I love New Zealand. I feel sad about leaving New Zealand. I will miss New Zealand when we go home… I love playing LEGO here.”

Evelyn: “It has been very very amazing and I cannot wait that in four months I will see home again. But before that I am definitely not done here. Definitely not…”

gorge final

We have some exciting travels coming up starting in early December when we leave Christchurch! Here are some of the things the kids named that they are most looking forward to:

Here’s to the second half of our trip being just as great as the first half was!


If you have been to or live in New Zealand and have travel recommendations for “must-see” “must-do” places, comment below! We are still constructing our intinerary for January and February and would love suggestions. 


One thought on “Looking Forward, Looking Back

  1. Can’t wait to hear about more of your adventures!! Though I don’t comment every time, I always read. Really happy for you about this amazing once in a lifetime opportunity you have been given. And I know that you and James are hosting the kids on an amazzzzing adventure. They really are very lucky and you guys are great parents!


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