About every two hours during days we’re home, the urge gets me.

The urge to type in “Panda cam” to see the new Giant Panda cub at the National Zoo rises and I can’t help myself. Normally I’m not one to go gahgah over animals, small, cute, and furry, real or stuffed. But there’s something about pandas (Barbara Kingsolver once memorably called them “charismatic megafauna”).

I’m not alone in my addiction.

Since Bei Bei was born on 22 August (sadly, his fraternal twin died soon after), the kids and I have cooed to the glow of a laptop or tablet nearly every day.

Today, though, the obsession rose to a new level when Charlotte decided to write a letter to Bei Bei and his mom, Mei Xiang.


On the back, she wrote, “We watch you all the time!”

Creepy. 🙂

Just now, I asked the girls why they enjoy the panda cam so much. Evelyn explained that she just loves when Mei comes in after being out of the cage, and when “she cuddles him up to her and he makes these little noises.”

Char said she really like when he’s alone on the floor and he squeaks.

How much has Bei Bei changed since his birth? Evelyn noted that he’s “started looking a lot more like a pillow” and he shows his face more often.

Charlotte can’t let go of the fact that he’s by himself sometimes: “He’s alone on the floor more of the time. And he’s fatter.”

I hope Mei and Bei Bei enjoy the card from one of their international stalkers.


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