Not a mountain, a rocky hill

For our weekly Mommy and Calvin date day, I took him up to the Port Hills and parked near where the Crater Rim Walkway meets the Rapaki Trail (that I’ve run twice now with friends). Calvin wanted to tackle a mini-peak along the top of the trail, so we hiked for about an hour or so, just a mile up into the rocky crags above the trail. We stopped to rest frequently, and at one point sat on rocks that Cal said looked like benches and just observed life going by in the city below. Cal hike 1

According to Calvin:

I thought the hike was fun and hard. The rocky part was hard because it was pretty uphill and we had to climb on the rocks and the grasses to get up the hill.

It wasn’t a mountain; it was a rocky hill.

We saw some sheep: two babies and two mommies. They weren’t scared of us walking by because they were used to humans.

I could see the ocean from the top of the hill and the trail going down and the city of Christchurch.

If someone was going to do this hike, I would recommend wearing sturdy hiking shoes. And bringing a snack.

Cal hike 2
Proud; the white ribbon in the bottom picture is the Rapaki Track, which undergoes quite an elevation rise and is the most popular and accessible trail in the Port Hills.
Cal hike 3
Cal took the rock photo; Cal resting; how he sees me; Cal with the bay in the background

Quote from Calvin:

On our hike, on the way back to the car. Me: “Cool, Cal, you taking the lead to get us back to the car?” Cal: “You mean you, because there is no US back there, right?”

My day, by the numbers:
1.23 miles hiked with Cal
3: number of times Calvin had to relieve himself while out
1: time he peed in the great outdoors
2: times he peed inside
351.76: NZ dollars spent on a week’s groceries (that’s about $224 US)
6: liters of almond milk purchased
3: snacks Cal consumed during our 4 hours out in addition to
1: Happy meal at McDonald’s



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