Daddy day care – Sunday edition

Sunday began with a combination of excitement and fear. Excitement because Janel is returning this evening. Fear because I pretty much exhausted myself and used several of my planned activities with the kids already. As the sun dawned and decided not to hang out behind rain clouds I recalled a quote from last night’s workout music:

I’d rather make “Not Afraid 2” ~Eminem

I had a few new ideas for the day but I quickly added the lego center and the botanics/playground as reserves because the kids loved them and aren’t anywhere close to bored of them yet. So we hopped on the bus with the intention to try to get tickets to the Luminarium with a backup of the lego center for the morning.

Kids eager to know where the bus will take us.

We made it to Cathedral Square just when the Luminarium opened and assessed the line. After a few minutes of debating the kids and I came to the consensus that it would not be worth waiting 1-2 hours for entry. It was a lot nicer weather than I had anticipated and I was disappointed not to get to the display this weekend, but 1-2 hours waiting in line with Calvin was not a thrilling prospect.

(clockwise) Evelyn content with her spaceship. The box “sheep.” In front of the Luminarium deciding the line was too long to wait. Imagination Station full of visitors.

The lego center (Illumination Station) was again pretty busy, but the kids did not mind and jumped right into playing. We spent a great hour and a half here as Evelyn spent half an hour gathering pieces for a spaceship — I wonder who she takes after?? 🙂 I managed to help Calvin with his various structures and built a small magnolia tree myself (it was destroyed about 5 minutes after I finished by an overeager 2 year old who wanted to hug it). We enjoyed the sunshine and art displays around the square and posed with the cute box “sheep.”

That wibbly wobbly, timey wimey stuff.

We quickly walked through Gloucester street and took our time making our way through the Botanical Gardens to the playground. The trees and flowers are really starting to turn in the gardens and I can’t wait to take the kids back in a few weeks when the whole place will burst into Spring.

(clockwise) Magnolias in bloom. Sharks on a log. The house cat at our lunch cafe. More logs. Evelyn reacts to finding out about the kayak rental.

The kids had earlier shot down my desire to take the bus to Lyttleton and take a 2 hour walk around the harbor/coast, so I had held on to my other idea until after we took a break for lunch. There is a cute little restaurant right outside of the southeast gate of the botanics and they offer combination meal and kayak rentals.

(clockwise) Over Joyed. After a ~45 minute paddle along the Avon River. Charlotte launching. Evelyn launching.

The kids were overjoyed when I shared the plan and the experience did not disappoint. The sun dappled river winds its way through the middle of the botanics and is populated with many ducks. The girls each got a solo kayak and Calvin and I shared a dual kayak. Evelyn was confident in her abilities as a kayaker because of her training at the Rittenhouse summer camps. Charlotte had never commanded her own vessel, but also had some training with the counselors at Rittenhouse. She looked so very proud when I handed her the paddle and she pushed off into the water on her own. Calvin did great in that he didn’t capsize our kayak. He needs a little work on his paddling, but insisted for the last 10 minutes that he really wanted to come back here and do this again.

I’d call this another win of a day and also a likely early bedtime for the kids 🙂


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