Let Go of my Legos

James and I had a great date tonight!

In looking for something fun to do, I found an online event listing at the Imagination Station in downtown Christchurch. The Imagination Station is a nonprofit organization that provides a fun, safe space for people of all ages to come create cool stuff. They have a huge selection of Legos, Kinex, and Duplos available, plus 20 stations of desktops each equipped with stop motion animation filming equipment and software.

lego collage

For NZ$10 each, we got to hang out and play for 2 hours. When the kids heard our “date night” plans, let’s just say they were angry they couldn’t come along. But it was specifically adults-only.* We were two of about 40 people, many of whom were either couples out on dates or small clusters of friends.

Together James and I built a¬†Wolverine Spaceship, made a stop motion Lego movie about a man and an alien, drank a bottle of wine, competed in a 15-minute team speed-build (“strike while the iron is hot”), and laughed a lot.

We chose to represent the cliche "Strike while the iron's hot" in the competition. We didn't win, but it sure was fun!
We chose to represent the cliche “Strike while the iron’s hot” in the competition. We didn’t win, but it sure was fun!

At home, Evelyn babysat for us (we pay a whopping NZ$4/hour) and the kids were all alive and well when we got home.

*The Imagination Station is open from 10-6, 7 days a week, for free play (donations encouraged). We will *definitely* be going back as a family. But sans alcoholic beverages.


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