This morning James took a run right at sunrise and when he returned he reported snow and freezing rain. In Christchurch, on the plains, we didn’t get anything that stuck, but our plan for the day included a drive up into the Port Hills. We’ve been several times but there are so many hiking trails that we’ve no where near explored even a small fraction of the available greenspace there.

Snow hike

Even from town we could see that the hills were covered with a light dusting of white powder, and as we got to higher elevations we spotted a few snowmen built by snow-happy New Zealanders.

The trail car park for the Kennedy’s Bush track was empty when we arrived and parked; the trial had about 2-3 inches of freshly fallen snow on it and no fresh footprints. We were the first brave souls embarking on the tramp.

Unfortunately we didn’t get very far before the trail became impassable (for the kids, anyway); James scouted ahead a little ways and found mud, slanted and precipitous trail, and some ice. So we only got to do just over 1/2 mile total. Disappointing but some of the views made the drive up worth it!



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