Riccarton Farmers’ Market

Farmers' Market

Each person had NZ$6 to spend, and we walked around the market, which is surprisingly extensive, before buying anything.

Interesting things we saw included:

  • cured and smoked meats
  • warmer ovens with meat patties and pies
  • beautiful cookies and baked goods
  • macaroons (or, as Evelyn pronounced it, “mack-a-rons”)
  • mushrooms and truffle butter
  • gourmet soups
  • rock salt

Here’s what we ended up purchasing:

  • a 4 jar sample set of local New Zealand honeys, including rata honey, an exotic flower that only blooms every 2 years (see here for more about the growing New Zealand honey trade)
  • assorted fudges (mint, hot chocolate, russian, etc.)
  • a rainbow lollipop (Cal)
  • a croissant (Ev)

We probably would have bought produce except that I had just stocked up yesterday and most of the offerings at the market were winter veggies and apples. Remember that it’s mid-winter here!



One thought on “Riccarton Farmers’ Market

  1. My dear friend Claire (native kiwi and current Nelson resident) gave her daughter the middle name of Rata! Northern and Southern Ratas are very different – you’ll have to work on identifying them as you hike on both islands! 🙂


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