New Favorite

I’ve never been to a Greek restaurant before, at least not one worth writing a blog post about. But tonight James and I had dinner at Costas Taverna Greek Restaurant here in Christchurch. Out of Tripadvisor’s 615 listed Christchurch restaurants, it’s ranked #4. In fact, we had tried to take the kids one evening a few weeks back only to be turned away at the door because all the tables were full and reservations for the night were completely booked.

Having learned our lesson, James booked our table for two tonight. And we were not disappointed!

The atmosphere of the interior itself is charming, with deep blue ceiling tiles backed by small white lights that twinkled like stars. Although the dining room wasn’t very large, probably seating about 40 people or so, several distinct seating areas were carved out by walls with Greek-inspired shapes “cut” into the stone.

For starters (called entrees, in New Zealand) we ordered village pita bread with three different dipping sauces: Tzatziki, roasted eggplant, and garlic hummus, and a pitcher of Frozen Strawberry Ouzo Granita. The pita was the most delicious, soft and chewy I’ve ever had.

And I couldn’t let the sauces go to waste even after the bread was gone… and James said he didn’t even mind that I was eating the rest of them as long as I used my fork and not my finger.


For mains James got grilled lamb and I ordered fresco lemonato chicken. Both were amazing.

Costas - June 2013
Fresco Lemonato Chicken, over rice and roast Mediterranean vegetables.

Finally, we finished our meal (I shamelessly asked for a take home box for the last 1/3 of my main in order to have room for dessert) with a chocolate mountain filled with chocolate ganache and with a side of red fruit gelato.

Five stars, no question. It’s the best dinner we’ve had in New Zealand so far, and we’ll definitely go back for another meal sometime soon. In fact, I’m already wondering whether this weekend would be too soon to return… my stomach, full as it still is, says no.



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