The kiwi looks like a heart shape

Sometimes you have those moments when everything makes perfect sense. The world is in order and your place is secure. Your mind has stopped its incessant electrification seeking the frequency that plays a beautiful song instead of the radio buzz. Behold:


Janel and I exchanged small gifts on our anniversary this week and she found me a kiwi cookie cutter and a lavender aromatherapy that won’t violate our house rental instructions (no candles or incense!). I f_cking love these gifts, and if you don’t know why then keep reading our blog and when I get back to the states we can have a coffee.

The lavender was easy enough to set up earlier this week, but I had to wait until the weekend for the kiwi cookies. The kids and I went to the grocery store this morning and picked up the last few items needed to make “brown” sugar cookies. Because kiwi.

The girls were almost as excited as I was.

I usually am more hands on (*ahem* controlling) with all of the measuring, combining, and preparing the ingredients, but since I had just finished a 16 mile run I was feeling pretty laid back and decided to just produce the show rather than direct it. Evelyn and Charlotte stepped up and put together the dry and wet ingredients.

Dough is ready!

I did need to step in to do the mixing because we don’t have a standing mixer, just the hand held kind, and it has some serious power and kickback and I didn’t want to be cleaning cookie dough off of the kitchen walls.


The girls did a great job of getting every possible kiwi cut out of the rolled dough. And these are their happy faces, although they look suspiciously similar to their mischievous faces.

Such dough, very kiwi

We did have one small scare when I pulled out the first batch and the tray slipped and a few of the kiwi fell onto the coils and caught fire in our crazy oven. I really miss our kitchen back home — the oven here is the wrong shape for the pans (they don’t really fit correctly so it is easy to drop stuff) and the temperature variance is somewhere around 30 degrees celsius between the bottom rack and the top rack.


The end result was many a “fat” kiwi as they expanded in the oven. Tomorrow we shall paint them white and douse them with rainbow sprinkles (as paraphrased from Evelyn)!



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