A Chilly Late July Morning

“What is 11 degrees Celsius in Farenheit?” Evelyn calls from her room.

“First you multiply by 9 and then divide by 5. Then add 32,” James explains.

A moment later, Evelyn has it worked out. “The high today is 52.”

That doesn’t sound so bad, for mid-winter, right?

Yet when I step out the door at 8:50am to walk Calvin to his school, even all bundled up with coats, hats, and mittens, it’s nowhere near 52 degrees. The cold winter sunlight filtering through the trees barely flickers on our faces and Calvin suddenly stops in his tracks.

“My head that’s not covered by my hat is COLD.”

“You mean your face?”

“Yes. My face is so cold. I need warmness.”

I convince him to continue walking. Another 1/4 mile on, still holding my hand, he starts droning “I need warmness… I need warmness… I need warmness…”

“We are almost to school, sweetheart.”

“I need warmness RIGHT. NOW.”

All the times we’ve talked about switching hemispheres and seasons being opposite and how this coming 12 months we will have two summers and two springs and NO winters doesn’t seem to matter to Cal at the moment.

When I get back home to prep for a trail run with James, he has just looked at the weather report.

“It’s 30 degrees right now!”

Perhaps I’m reminding Calvin of spring’s approach just as much so that I can hear myself say it: spring isn’t far off. It won’t always be this cold. Summer will get here and we will be warm.


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