Here’s Your Sign, New Zealand edition

Woah. So that’s where the magic happens, eh?

Letters, words, and numbers are all around us all the time. In fact, I’d bet that our hometown in Delaware boasts a few quirky signs that I’ve never even noticed.

In a new place, however, our eyes seek out signs; they offer explanations, labels, and descriptions that can help our minds understand unfamiliar surroundings. So far we’ve been in New Zealand about 3 weeks and we’ve collected photos some of the funny, weird, and noteworthy signs we’ve spotted around Christchurch. (We’ll add more in new posts in the future.)

Oh no! I’ll be trespessed! (what a strange phrase.)
We saw this sign in the Christchurch Botanic Gardens.
At the library. Thieves are known to be hardworking.
Also in the library: the audio book section.
In James’ building on campus.
When you’re thirsty, I guess you’ll settle for any liquid drink.
“Frosty” is a milkshake beverage from Wendy’s not a threatening road condition. Other signs warn “ice/grit.”

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