First day impressions

I asked them to show a face that reflected how their first days at school went.

Evelyn: “I thought I had left rug time behind in kindergarten… but every transition we go and sit on the rug. and sometimes we play word games on the rug.”

Homework, kiwi style. Evelyn has spelling words (this week, adverbs). Charlotte has multiplication and spelling.

Charlotte: “My favorite part of the day was getting to play in the mud over by a tree during recess. We have an hour and twenty minutes for lunch and recess, plus morning tea playtime!”

Evelyn: “I have FRIENDS! And the obstacle course outside is AMAZING. I played on it with my friends, and it was great to have an hour and fifteen minutes for lunch.”

Charlotte, waiting for her final room assignment.

Charlotte: “The hardest part of my day was letting go of you this morning…”

Evelyn: “The biggest challenge I faced was fighting the urge to call out at people on the playground for cursing.”

Charlotte to Evelyn: “Do you have a starting friend? Like, a person who believe *could* be a friend… I do have a friend–Missy–I knew she’d be my friend.”

Charlotte: “Today felt really fast… we had so many fun things, like drama–I got to be the wolf in Little Red Riding Hood!–and we also have dance, music, library, and gym.”



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