“I’m going to miss this”: Photo Essay by Evelyn

The living room times:

DSC05374 DSC05373

Start your day with your nose in the Living room Times!

District Kitchen:


Home of the San Pelligrino!! Kitchen’s Hunger Games contestant Red Wine beats the couch every time!

The hallway… Stairs!


All the odd events seem to fall here.

Bygolly’s closet:


Buried in clothes, the Calvin/Evelyn/Charlotte tyranosaurs hide, ready to surprise the well-dressed passer-by

B-A-T-H: Our favorite 4 letter word!:


Really, we manage to spend half an hour in there without getting clean!

The stalling area:


Where Charlotte and I go to not take a shower.

Hide’n’seek closet:

DSC05370Closet…Bathroom.. other closet… I should’ve found them by now!

It’s an office and a workout center. Get your kicks… and paycheck:



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