Getting Real

Seventeen days. Less, really, since today is more than half over and our flight out leaves at breakfast time. It’s strange that, with all the time to plan, prepare, gear up, and make this all happen, it’s now starting to feel really real. Like, real.

Our collective and individual to do lists are still pretty long, but one major item is finally, slowly getting crossed off: securing renters for our Delaware house while we’re away. I’ve long thought that this last task carried with it a big financial cost (hey, mortgage payment for a house we won’t be living in!) and the terrifying quality of requiring things beyond our control.

Who *wouldn't* want to eat their meals around our orange dining room table?
Who *wouldn’t* want to eat their meals around our orange dining room table?

By that I mean that many items on the ole’ to do list require time, money, energy, and/or focus, but their completion doesn’t depend on other people to a great extent.

...or cook in our green and red kitchen?
…or cook in our green and red kitchen?

Not so with finding renters. To save money we listed our house without the help of a real estate agent and did the showings ourself. Yesterday an interested tenant submitted a rental application, today we secured a property management firm, and on Tuesday we will go over all the leasing paperwork. As long as nothing turns up in background and credit checks of the renter, we should be able to finally check off that huge item and turn our attention fully to other moving details.

Tomorrow I’ll share a post about packing our clothes for 8 months (and 3 seasons!) for 5 people all in 5 suitcases. If you’ve ever wondered how many pounds each checked bag can weigh on an international flight or how to create a capsule wardrobe for a 4 year old, you won’t want to miss it.


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